Friday, August 20, 2010



Latin's gone,
Peace is too,
Singin' and shoutin'
From every pew.

Altar's turned round,
Priest is too,
Commentator's shoutin'
Page twenty-two.

Communion rail's gone,
Stand up straight,
Kneeling suddenly
Went out of date.

Processions are forming
In every aisle,
Salvation organized
Single file.

Rosary's out,
Psalms are in,
Hardly ever hear
A word against sin.

Listen to the Lector,
Hear how he reads.
Please stop rattlin'
Those Rosary beads!

Father's looking puzzled,
Doesn't know his part,
Used to know the whole Mass
In Latin by heart.

I hope all the changes
Are just about done,
And that they won't drop Bingo
Before I've won.

I found this poem printed in a book on the history of Sacred Heart Parish in Aberdeen, SD. The editor comments, "This ditty, composed by some anonymous bard, came to our attention recently. While we may not agree with its contents, we feel that it does have a message that is pertinent to our time."

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